Introducing VersusNG Shaxxs FIFA Tournament

Posted by Meijin June 23, 2022 in Event

Joining Forces

We’re back with another VersusNG event and this time we return to a place that has become near and dear to our community — Ilmihouse. Expect our usual brand of fun, antics and innovation as we step things up once again. Be it comic books, music, games or movies – everyone loves a good team-up. So in order to ramp up all the goodness, VersusNG has teamed up with tournament organiser (TO) Ameen “Shaxxs” Abdulshakur, to bring you yet another FIFA tournament. 

Are those groans we hear from all you non-football fans? Worry-not, because we’ve got something planned for you too at the upcoming event and even more in store for the future.

Tournament Structure

VersusNG Shaxxs is a 1v1 FIFA 2022 tournament that features 32 players competing across two stages for a total prize pool of ₦30,000. The first stage will have players split among eight groups labelled A-H, with seeding determined by way of draw. All players within each group will face one another, with only one of them advancing to the next stage. Score aggregates will be used each match, so show no mercy. Each match win in the Group Stage will represent 2 points, 1 for a draw and 0 points for a loss. Only the player with the highest score in each group advances to the next stage.

VersusNG Shaxxs - Group Stage

The Play-offs will be the final stage in which our competitors face off in single elimination matches. All except the Grand Final, which will see the top two players play in a best-of-3 set to determine who wins the day.

VersusNG Shaxxs - Playoffs

You can sign up for the tournament here.


In this event we will be trying things a little differently regarding prizing. Instead of the top three players, we will be awarding the top five players with cash prizes. This means all players that make it to the Playoffs earn something by tournament end. Our fifth winner will be the highest goal scorer eliminated from the Top 8.

Here’s a breakdown;

Rank Prize
1st Place ₦12,000
2nd place ₦7,000
3rd place ₦5,000
4th place ₦3,500
5th place ₦2,500

Not all about FIFA

For our non-competitors and spectators, we’ll have a few games to keep you busy during the entire event. 

Just Dance Challenge

Following the success of our last challenge in January, we bring back the Just Dance Challenge by popular demand. The same rules apply too. One song is picked and those taking up the challenge will have to earn the highest score during the day to win a prize. Simple right?

We will be announcing the song and prize at a later date, so keep your eyes on our social media channels for more information.

Street Fighter V Ranbat

We haven’t forgotten about the Kaduna FGC (fighting game community). As we prepare for a future fighting game event, we appease our world warriors with a Street Fighter V ranking battle or ranbat. All day long we will have a standing rule – the winner stays on. This will allow the best players to build a win streak while competing against every talent present at the event.

Those with the highest number of wins will join our VersusNG Shaxxs rankings, with the top-most player earning a prize. This ranking won’t carry-over to the VersusNG fightboard (leaderboard) and future events though, so no pressure. 

We will be announcing the mystery prize alongside our Just Dance Challenge update.


So we’ve got you pumped and now you want to know how you can attend? To attend the event as a competitor in the tournament will cost you ₦2,500, while other attendees pay ₦1,500. However, payments before event day invite discounts amounting to ₦2,000 and ₦1,000 respectively.

  • FIFA 22 competitors – ₦2,500 (early bird tickets are ₦2,000).
  • Casual players – ₦1,500 (early bird tickets are ₦1,000).

Attendees can make payments at the venue via cash or transfer. Early bird payments can be made to the following account.

VersusNG Esports
Parkway - ReadyCash

When is VersusNG Duos?

Back in January we announced VersusNG Duos, a 2v2 FIFA tournament which was to be held in March. Unfortunately, we had cause to postpone the event and are yet to communicate the new date. Sadly, that has not changed but we wanted to make sure you’re aware of the latest.

We were forced to move the event due to several unforeseen circumstances but still intend to hold it sometime in the near future. So don’t lose hope all you 2v2 players, we haven’t abandoned you and don’t intend to either. Please look forward to when you will be able to raise your team flags to the cheers of your fans.

Can hardly wait

We hope you’re as excited as we are for VersusNG Shaxxs and we can’t wait to entertain you come July 16 at Ilmihouse. We have more announcements to make before event day, so please look forward to them as we count down together. See you soon and keep your flag raised.

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