Nas Rules at VersusNG Shaxxs FIFA Tourney

Posted by Meijin July 17, 2022 in Event

VersusNG Shaxxs saw a reshuffling of the top FIFA players in our community. Mohammed “Nas” Auwal Aliyu took the FIFA 22 tournament by storm, blazing a trail through group B into and across the Playoffs.

Competing in a long tournament drains both mind and body, yet Nas seemed to tap into even more energy by the start of the Playoffs. In the quarter final he defeated Mahmood, 5-2. Facing Obansa “TU Amigo” Mahmud in the semifinals, he advanced with a 3-0 score. 

Meanwhile, Lawal “Elldee” Alhassan had a harder time in the Group Stage, losing one game to Nuhu “Abacha” Shehu. He managed to make it into the Playoffs thanks to a goal lead of 3 (12 goals in total). Beating Sadiq “Kayrockii” Suleiman 4-3 in the quarter finals and GmanG 5-2 in the semifinals, the stage was set for a great grand finale.

Unfortunately for Elldee, he conceded two goals from Nas in their final game, leaving the top spot for his opponent without getting in a goal of his own.

Here’s a look at the FIFA 22 tournament finalists;

  1. Mohammed “Nas” Auwal Aliyu
  2. Lawal “Elldee” Alhassan
  3. Obansa “TU Amigo” Mahmud
  4. GmanG
  5. Aliyu Abdulazeez “Marafzy“ Marafa

Even More Winners

Leading by a wide margin in our Street Fighter V ranbat was Tahir “Thahyrr” Alhassan, brother too, you guessed it — Elldee. As for Just Dance, Nafiu “Ready Player1” Garba came prepared to face our previous challenge winner Aisha. Taking the top score early on during the event, coupled with the absence of the lady who denied him the win in January, Ready Player1 scooped up the prize with relative ease.

Meet our VersusNG Shaxxs FIFA tournament winners - Nas, Elldee, TU Amigo, GmanG, and Marafzy.

The challenge and ranbat prizes were provided by our awesome partners, Ayamba LitCast for the Just Dance challenge and Brab Corporate Innovations LTD. for the Street Fighter V ranbat.

Not Game Over

Despite a couple of unforeseen setbacks at VersusNG Shaxxs, we were able to host yet another fun event and for that, the team thanks you all. We would never have been able to pull it off without you. 

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See you in the next one and …

Raise your flag!

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