Pizza, Dance and Games at Fasaha Cafe

Sticky Posted by Meijin January 29, 2022 in Event

The year is off to a great start for the denizens of Kaduna with one gaming event in the bag and many more to come. Mega Game Night at Fasaha Cafe came to an exciting conclusion with multiple winners proving their mettle.

Don zee wins the Mega Game Night FIFA Tourney

In an exciting tournament laced with technical issues and hilarious amateur commentary, we saw Zaidu “Don zee” Muhammad take the number one spot after defeating Lawal “Elldee” Alhassan in a penalty shoot-out with a single goal in the Finals. Not only does Don zee earn the ₦15,000 prize but also gets the first seed into VersusNG Duos for his team, Zee Baba. In third place is Hussaini “Chuey” Garba who also snagged 12 goals, making him the Mega Game Night MVP as well. His team, Chuey Babes and Elldee’s unannounced teams are also seeded into the upcoming tournament.

1stZaidu “Don zee” Muhammad₦15,000
2ndLawal “Elldee” Alhassan₦10,000
3rd Hussaini “Chuey” Garba₦5,000

Aisha is the Just Dance Challenge Winner

FIFA may be the number one esports title in Africa but at Mega Game Night, one game stole the title for the fiercest competition. The fight to earn the Just Dance top score in Girl Like Me by Black Eyed Peas X Shakira was the toughest of the event and took all day.

Leading the charge for the ladies was the young dancer named Aisha, passing the 11,000 mark and holding the position for several hours. She was later surpassed by Papa who went on to up his score by increments of a hundred. However, in the final hour, Aisha made a comeback, earning 11,868 points to clinch the pizza for herself. Can anyone stop this dancing machine?

What’s Next from VersusNG

As promised, we will be bringing you a lot more events this year. Our next tournament will take place in March at a new location with new titles and rules. We’ve also got VersusNG Duos in May, our FIFA 22 2v3 invitational. If that isn’t enough for you, then drop by Ayamba Meet & Greet every first Saturday of the month. The first of which is next weekend.

Thanks to everyone that came out. Congratulations to our winners and we look forward to seeing you all again soon. Keep raising your flag.

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