Road To African Esports Championship

Posted by Meijin March 27, 2019 in Esports

As the African Esports Championship draws near, activities in the participating countries grow in frequency. Last weekend it took the form of the friendly match between Nigeria and Zimbabwe as their players faced off in a series of FIFA19 games. The rules were quite simple. Each team of 5 players (four on PS4 and one on Xbox) would face their opponents in the best of 3 games.


Image credit: Esports Nigeria

Excitement regarding the match-up had been building in both nations as esports fans cheered their players on. Which nation would come out on top, who would be the MVP on each platform and what sort of new strategies would we see on display? These were just some of the questions that bounced around my head and with the match now over, I’m glad to say I found my answers. Team Nigeria came out on top, winning 2 out of 5 matches with the remaining 3 going unplayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Boye set the pace for the day by defeating Panashe 4-1 in their first game but lost the second at 2-5, only to make a huge comeback in the third with 5-1. Omolewa followed Boye’s performance with 3-0 and then -0 against Auscara in 2 one-sided matchups. It’s so unfortunate that the remaining 3 matches were never played but it was still fun without them.

Image credit: Esports Nigeria

So who were you rooting for? Did you watch live and are you looking forward to a rematch? Let us know in the comments below or on social media and don’t forget to support your local esports scene. We’ll catch you next time.